What is La Crosse SOUP?

La Crosse SOUP is a micro granting meal celebrating creative projects which benefit our amazing city.  For a suggested donation of $5, you receive soup, bread, and a vote.  You will hear multiple groups/individuals make a “pitch” designed to make La Crosse better.  Each pitch gets four minutes to convey its message and the audience gets the opportunity to ask four questions.  After all pitches are finished, individual audience members vote for the pitch they like best.  The pitch with the most votes takes home the money raised that evening.  It’s that simple.


Does La Crosse SOUP have legal status?

Yes, La Crosse SOUP operates under fiscal sponsorship from La Crosse Community Foundation for receipting charitable gifts.



Where are these events located?

Our goal is to vary the location of SOUP events to showcase different areas of our amazing city.

How much does it cost to attend?

There is a $5 suggested donation to attend SOUP (some will donate more and some will donate less).  We strongly believe that money should not be a barrier to being a part of these fun, creative, and inspiring events, so please come and donate what you can. 

Do I need to RSVP?

No RSVP is necessary, but identifying your planned attendance on Soup’s Facebook page is a huge help.

Do I need to buy a ticket?

Nope, pay at the door.

How often are SOUP events?

Currently, we are committed to putting on four events a year, one each season. 

Are children allowed at SOUP?

Absolutely!  SOUP is for all ages. 

Who decides the winner of the SOUP money?

You! (If you come to the events).

Can I buy multiple bowls of SOUP and/or vote tickets?

One vote per person, but you are welcome to contribute as much as you like to help fund amazing pitches.

Can you guarantee that the winner will follow through with their pitch?

No.  The SOUP board will screen all applicants and do its best to choose pitches with solid plans to present at events.  Those not chosen for the event will receive feedback on how to strengthen their pitch.  On event nights, the pitch which receives the most votes and wins will need to give regular updates until the project is completed.  

While we have built some accountability into SOUP events, SOUP only works when we trust one another.  We anticipate many pitches to encounter some roadblocks along the way, but if we give trust, support, and encouragement great things will happen.


What are the rules for SOUP pitches?

There are only two rules and they go for those making the pitch.  The first rule is that you cannot use technology to present and the second is the pitch must benefit the 22 square miles of the city of La Crosse.

How will I know if I get chosen to pitch?

The SOUP Board will make decisions on pitches two weeks prior to the event.  Everyone who

submitted a pitch will be contacted.

How do I submit a pitch?

Check out our Apply to Pitch page.           


Who decides which pitches make it to the event?

The SOUP board scores every submitted pitch.  Those with the highest score will have the opportunity to pitch at an event.

What happens if my pitch is not chosen, can I pitch again?

Absolutely!  All pitches not chosen will receive feedback from the board as to how they can strengthen their pitch.  With that feedback, we would encourage you to make some changes and pitch again.

I sort of have an idea for a pitch, what should I do?

  1. Don’t overthink it

  2. Talk to your friends and get their feedback.

  3. Look for an upcoming SOUP Pitch Clinic

  4. Put your best ideas into the application and see what happens.


Can I donate money to La Crosse SOUP?

Yes, please!  We are a small group of committed volunteers who are trying to put on exciting and inspiring events.  Our overhead is small, but the costs add up.  Any help is appreciated.  Contact us at

Are my contributions or SOUP donations tax-deductible?

Yes, SOUP operates under fiscal sponsorship from La Crosse Community Foundation to receive charitable gifts. Tax-deductible donations made above and beyond event tickets can be directed to the La Crosse SOUP Fund at the Foundation. Give online at or mail to 401 Main Street, Ste. 205 La Crosse, WI  54601.

Can someone from SOUP come to talk to my group/organization?

Yes, we would love to come to talk to you.  Questions? Contact us at

Other questions? Contact us at