Andrew Hughes

What do you do?
I am the Senior Project Manager at Interact Communications, singer-songwriter from TUGG, head of the Guitar Academy at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater La Crosse, and a Raise the Roof Habitat for Humanity Concert Chair Committee Member.

Why did you get involved in La Crosse SOUP?
My involvement from SOUP comes directly from the special and connected movement in the La Crosse area. There are many community-minded people that are talking and meeting about making La Crosse even more amazing than it already is. It seems on some level or another we are all connected, and that is how/why I was asked to join SOUP!

What is your favorite place in La Crosse?
There’s a bluff trail off of one of the lessor known paths as you drive past granddad’s bluff on the way towards Shelby. You can walk out to a spot and see the entire city and then some. My wife Becky and I have been going out there since we met, and it’s where I surprised her with a proposal 14 years ago!