Frequently Asked Questions


What is La Crosse SOUP?

La Crosse SOUP is a micro granting meal celebrating creative projects which benefit our amazing city.  For a suggested donation of $5, you receive soup, bread, and a vote.  You will hear multiple groups/individuals make a “pitch” designed to make La Crosse better.  Each pitch gets four minutes to convey its message and the audience gets the opportunity to ask four questions.  After all pitches are finished, individual audience members vote for the pitch they like best.  The pitch with the most votes takes home the money raised that evening.  It’s that simple.

Does La Crosse SOUP have legal status?


Where are these events located?

How much does it cost to attend?

Do I need to RSVP?

Do I need to buy a ticket?

How often are SOUP events?

Are children allowed at SOUP?

Who decides the winner of the SOUP money?

Can I buy multiple bowls of SOUP and/or vote tickets?

Can you guarantee that the winner will follow through with their pitch?


What are the rules for SOUP pitches?

How will I know if I get chosen to pitch?

How do I submit a pitch?

Who decides which pitches make it to the event?

What happens if my pitch is not chosen, can I pitch again?

I sort of have an idea for a pitch, what should I do?


Can I donate money to La Crosse SOUP?

Are my contributions or SOUP donations tax-deductible?

Can someone from SOUP come to talk to my group/organization?

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